Let's Start with Fun.
Art Director: Efren Baria Jr.
Graphic Designer + Photographer: Brie Pointer
Let's face it. The customs brokerage industry is well... boring. So you can imagine the look on my face when the boss told me he acquired Hanover Customs Brokerage as a throw in on a business deal.
The goal was simple: Make this business marketable.
Over a span of about a month and a half, we arrived at a branding identity that paid homage to all the ways goods arrive to their clients, and overall was refined, felt strong and sturdy but was also fun (but not in playful or childish tone).
With the various patterns, we were able to pay homage to all the ways imported good arrived to their clients. The use of the visual elements had to be flexible and expandable in its end use. This was important as we were still gauging the boss' fervour for growing this newly added business. The solution could definitely scale, and had a lot of potential options if applied in signage, advertisements, uniforms and social media.
God knows the customs brokerage industry needed something completely fresh, and almost completely out of left field. If you Google the term "Customs Brokerage Logo, "prepare to be overwhelmingly underwhelmed with weak renditions of globes, arrows, aeroplanes and boats (sometimes all at once!).
This customs brokerage business is really a side note to Goliger's Travel Plus' main focus. But after completing this branding project, I think it's the most delightful in their family of companies.
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