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In Design

By Efren

Nice Jeans

On 21, Sep 2012 | One Comment | In Design | By Efren

I was born and raised in Cambridge, Ontario. I’ve been away for awhile, living life, following dreams, trying to be awesome. But now I find myself back in my hometown, with a more appreciative heart and a wiser eye.

Since moving back here just over 2 years ago, my wife and I have been in discovery mode, well in my case, rediscovery.

As any good supportive resident would do, we make it a point to support local businesses. It’s been fun, stumbling upon these places, and in brief moments getting to know the wonderful owners who are passionate about what they do, so much so that they put a lot on the line to do it. A lot of these businesses are amazing at what they do. Be it cupcakes, pastries, selling pens & notebooks, coffee, bagels; Cambridge, Ontario has a lot of great places run by great people. Unfortunately, this blog isn’t really about that. Sadly, the common thread between all of these places, is that they all skimped on their branding, or the people they hired didn’t take the necessary time to get the best results.

Branding is your projected image, and in the eyes of your potential customers, it’s perception. So if your branding, looks second-rate  it’s easy for me to perceive that your service or product might be as well. But you’re lucky small businesses! Since my homie Jesus expects better of me, I’m not quick to judge you, and I’ll step into the doors of your business. Although I can’t say it would be the the same for others.

So to all those, who may be starting a business up, please budget well, and ensure that your brand is top notch. Branding is the first impression of your business for new customers. It’s the recognizable mark of your product/service to returning customers. Good branding should visually communicate in some big or small way, everything you take pride in about your business. Maybe it’s good service, upscale, down-to-earth, etc… whatever it is, I should have a sense of that when I see your signage, or business card or website.

Case in point… I wanted to show you a business I stumbled upon recently. They’re down the street from my work, and to speak honestly as a “K-Dub” resident, (who happens to be a graphic designer) these guys have the best branding of any place I’ve seen in this area. Period. No Lie or exaggeration. I present to you:

Honey Bake Shop

These guys got it right the first time. I think a lot of small businesses think they can just improve later on, when finances are better, or when things “pick up.” But the fact of the matter is, if you do it Mike Holmes style, and make it right the first time, you’ll never have to really worry in the long run. Good branding for your business, is like an amazing pair of jeans. You’ll always look good, you know it fits you right, and you know that you really don’t really have to shop around for another pair until it gets really worn out.

So don’t skimp on your jeans. Take your time, try on the best pair, make sure you love it, and that it looks awesome on you. (See what I did there?)

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  1. I forgot to mention… their cupcakes and sandwiches are just as awesome as the branding. The service is great, the atmosphere is vintage yet modern. I haven't had a chance to try the pastries yet, but that just gives me another reason to come back. =)

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